by Silphium Blooms

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Numbers are a tool we use to describe patterns and perceive order in the natural world.


released January 17, 2015

Tyler Bassett: Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Voice
Bryan Heany: Drums, Minimal Engineering
MW: Drums
Fiona Dickinson: Cello, Voice
Sam Cooper: Violin, Voice
Bennett Young: Keyboards
Heather Crull: Violin
G'itis Baggs: Percussion

Recorded and Mixed by Andy Catlin and Ben Lau in the Golden Room at Double Phelix (
Mastered by Ian Gorman at La Luna Recording and Sound (
Photography by Sebastian Blanco



all rights reserved


Silphium Blooms Kalamazoo, Michigan

In a landscape of ragged concrete, a resurgent flora is dominated by rail-yard weeds, foxtail, tumbleweed, bugloss. Still, life is not willing to stir. A goldfinch appears from the glare of a low sun and mournfully weaves into and out of view. Where a generation of loess has settled under the slow upheaval of asphalt, a drop of dew coalesces, a seed imbibes. A taproot swells, the sun, the dream. ... more

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Track Name: The Litany
I serve my master
My master serves my soul
My soul is perpetuated in the service of 3 goals

I have 9 masters
I own 23 crows
I've seen 49 journeys that no one else knows

I have no master
I have numbers
I have feelings
Track Name: 99
99 . . .

99 . . . ways to go

99 . . . ways to be born

99 . . . methods
Track Name: Fear of Numbers
Sometimes I get the devil in my eyes
Otherwise he steps aside
Cannot predict when he’ll call my name
I call him my brother just the same

Sometimes the devil slips into my mind
He’s in my body all the time
No one else that I can blame
He’s my own devil to tame

Sometimes the devil’s hand is in mine
I can’t say I mind
I think I’ll learn to live with him
Livin’ in the light and livin’ in sin

Sometimes I get the devil in my eyes
Sometimes his evil plans are mine
Deliver me from me or him
Track Name: Oscillations
Elemental circum-radiated all new breath is fine
Reaches a point on the curve tangential to which you will never climb
But on the wave in other planes on which you’ll never notice that it’s growing
What is the likelihood?
Residual deviance . . .

Up ‘til now we've only got a glimpse of what we actually weren’t seeing and then it revealed itself

Generate stochastic oscillations all about dynamic equilibrium
Eruptions of time and asymmetrical protrusions you cannot see them for what they are
These processes are inseparable the pattern that the form we call
We call . . .

Up ‘til now we've only got a glimpse of what we actually weren’t seeing and then it revealed itself